26-27 mai 2012

Ma ridic de jos dimineata

Ca pe un muc de tigara

Cand n-am niciun ban

Cu fericire si rusine cumva


Casa te mustreaza


Te primeste

Cu tacerea dojenitoare

A mamei, dimineata

Care deschide usa unicei fiice

Pierduta prin baruri


Camera asta de 20 mp

Si o bucatarie mica

Un aragaz si un ceainic

Ce lux


Tacerea dintre noi e adanca azi

Si mi-e rusine sa pun muzica

In laptop



Puterea se aduna in vene

Creste ca fetusul

In burta mamei


Ca fetusul creste fara oprire

In burta mamei alcoolice

Se naste intr-o toaleta in


Buna dimineata

Nu-mi pasa

Am chestii de rezolvat


Forta cu care

Universul se extinde

Incapatanarea cu care

Da viata

To anything it meets on the way


Forta aia

Fara de ego

Forta care nu se intreaba







My heart is silenced

The living texture solidifies

With every act of betrayal


Every extra bite of bread

After hunger ends


Every time I call him

When love is gone

Drawing it back



Fitting the seed back inside

the grape I had eaten

Last week


As if to say,

How dare you vanish?

In their heart it lives longer


This is the love of the mind

Tearing and ripping

the slower currents inside


My heart knows no fixed portion

And does not care how much I paid



I dwell into you again

Cut through this thick solid layer inside

Don’t stop until you reach



the living texture

Flowing again

Healing the pain



Momentul cand intelegi

prima data


Placerea iti umple venele

Cand te uiti la viata

Ca la harta orasului in care

Ai crescut


Cand vorbesti in aceeasi limba

Cu raurile line dinauntru

– gasesti cuvintele

Care inca nu exista


Respiri in acelasi ritm

Fara sa incerci

– Pur si simplu

Cu masa pulsanta de viata



Placerea calda

De a o atinge

Fara teama

ca o sa dispara

simti pulsatia


ii auzi glasul

si il distingi de celelalte

cum il distingi pe tata

Dupa sunetul pasilor, prin casa


Intelegi mecanismul


Senzatia minunata

Cand te recunosti in oglinda

Pentru prima data



I don’t want to watch you in the eyes

– Only ahead

The rhythm of our breathing

Will hold us together


So close

That I forget

You walk beside me


And only your perfume

When the wind blows swiftly

Will tell me that we’re two


I’ll shiver every time

with revelation




Don’t give me your hand

just one handle

Of your heavy bag

With groceries

On a moist summer afternoon



And when I stop to rest

My swollen hands

Walk on and have no fear


The slow movement of the heart

Will bring me by your side


As I had never left


As I am always here


Tot mai adanc

Pana ajung la frecventa

Frecventa in care curge dunarea

in care vine vara

Cu incapatanare

An de an